Wednesday, 4 April 2018

Some Mojo for the People.

Our first production Mojo has come off the line.

It keeps the same configuration and shape as the original.

However, everything: drivers, horns and materials has evolved.

After trying a SEOS horns we reverted to a scratch designed JMLC horn. M. L'Çleach's expansion with its roll back shows itself to be difficult to be improved upon over and over again. After trying every horn possible for ten years it remains a key member in a small, select group of the best sounding. Its great advantage, due to the kindness and generosity of M. L'Çleach in sharing and mentoring others on how to apply his method, is that it can be designed for each specific application.

Here a cross section the front horn shows a shape every aviator is familiar with... the airfoil (which invokes Bernoulli's Principal and allows aircraft to fly).

The design incorporates a complex (ever changing) divine proportion curvature avoiding the flat surface issues of the conventional box while being more rigid and attractive.

It is our smallest speaker to date at 62cm in height. However it is designed to tilt back slightly to be inline with seated listening position. The round horn, with no vertical constraint, driver spacing and floor coupling provides a full soundstage despite the cabinet's small stature. This was one of the performance elements which pleased the most as it is quite surprising to hear the large stage from a loudspeaker of this size.

We incorporated adjustment to easily accomodate different listening heights.

The interior is sculpted with anechoic shapes to reduce reflection without the typical reduced efficiency and smeared response of stuffing.  

Port area, low loss drivers, large gauge inductors, and other tuning specifically for tube amplifiers.

We offer options of ceramic, alnico or field coil drivers as well as a choice in aircraft grade hardened Al or Be compression drivers.

Mojo makes its debut in Hong Kong this month. Details are here:

First day video is here:

Mojo for the People.

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  1. Very nice & beautiful sounding loudspeakers on youtube