Tuesday, 8 May 2018

Come see us in Munich High End 2018 - Getting Settled!

Hi guys!

On early arrival to Munich - the calm before the storm.

Setting up our room and gearing up for music! 

Thomas and Chuck, doing what they do!

Tubes and Horns... horns and tubes, vinyl is on its way.

Beginning to take shape.

Thomas Mayer array of amplifiers: 845 in back, 211 and 46's in front!

Elrog 211's

What is this? Something very rare - Globe 46's.

Lots of Elrog tubes of course!

This year we brought our TA-7331A Baffle with LM555 drivers to go with the WE KS 12024 horns.

We also brought two pair of Mojo Speakers - Level One and Level Three - see our website: www.azzolinaaudio.com for more info.

It was difficult to choose which colours to bring!

Wood and shape.

Here is the Pre-amp line up with some colour.

This WE KS-12024 horn with bronze throat and wood horn mouth. Different materials sound different and this is our favourite combination.

Elrog - the tube of choice.

Field Coil 555 driver.

Mmm, nice to look at.

So here we go...

 More to follow once the setup is complete...

Come see us in room F231e!

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