Sunday, 21 May 2017

Munich High End No. 4 Sound Checks (finally)

Just a quick note here to share some sound from the show.

The Hadron Psi

This is the Hadron's debut and product launch.


The Sfera

We were pleased to discover the Hadron was as well received as the Sfera and brought a similar acceptance in a smaller design.

As a result we are now accepting orders for Hadron Psi model of which there will soon be further information on this blog.

One more post to wrap up the show will be this afternoon once we can take a break and listen to some shellac.

Until then, 

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Saturday, 20 May 2017

Munich High End 2017 No. 3

Here is a look around the show starting with the Elrog, Vinylista and Azzolina Audio Room

We went between vinyl and digital with each song and it was a testament to the Total Dac that we were often asked which was playing.

Here the Hadron made its debut with the ultimate level amplifiers of Thomas Mayer.

This combination got some attention.

Cannot get enough of the EC8020

The Hadron in front of its big brother the Sera

Some other horns

and Tubes

The rare and secret source of Snake Oil?

Munich High End

Let the Music Play...

Friday, 19 May 2017

Munich High End No. 2

A few after setup pictures for some details:

First of all the amplifiers from Thomas Mayer:

 Differential 300B with 10Y driver

 Differential 10Y Line Stage 

and in the phono preamp an array of the super rare and wonderful Telefunken 8020!

Oh, yes, nearly forgot to mention - all silver transformers in all of these components! 


Here are our Sfera Horn speakers. Horns and tubes...

go well together of course.

What front end?

Vinylista excellent application of classical elements.

Garrard 401 with Thomas Schick tonearm and Ortofon cartridge.

The venerable 301 with another version of Thomas Schick tonearm and...

Here is the mighty Altas.

Our new bronze horns.

Some Vinylista details....

A few arms shots...

because they are looking nice.

The people behind the products: (from left to right)

Chuck Azzolina-Michlin, Martin Brenner and Thomas Mayer of

Azzolina Audio, Vinylista, and VinylSavor respectively.

Synergistic elements make a solid team.

Yes, yes, ... sound checks are coming!



Thursday, 18 May 2017

Munich High End 2017

A Quick Preview of:

Munich High End 2017

We are exhibiting in Room F231e

Let The Music Play

An amazing venue:

It was a long road to get here and that is just when the works starts...
Getting unloaded:

A room full of experience makes all the difference however: Thomas Mayer of VinylSavor, Thomas Schick of, well, Thomas Schick - Liebenthal, Martin Brenner of Vinylista and Gunther!

Already drawing some serious attention before the show is open.

And then it comes together:
Stay tuned for some sound checks:

A quick preview of the Silbatone Room featuring the Western Electric Mirrorphonic System:

The Sport of Kings indeed. Are those 18" field coil woofers, double field coil compression drivers and field coil tweeter?

More to follow on opening day, wait, that is today! So...more later.



Friday, 12 May 2017

Munich High End Preview

We are about to head off to the Munich High End Audio show again. This time we shall be co-exhibiting with:


The speakers will be the established Sfera as well as the newly produced Hadron which was conceived to bring big horn sonics into a more conventionally sized room.

A significantly smaller package

Yet, it earned its dog tag...

production is now finalised.

Only change will be no bolts on the front panel of production units.

The retro tech look did not pass the final WAF screening test.

Here is a an overall view to show the difference in size.

Coming soon...
classic horns produced in-house with bronze and cork materials

Come see us at the show - Room F231e

Thursday, 9 March 2017

 First production Hadron comes together.

We have shown a bit of the cabinet detail already. Probably more than most components a loudspeaker is an entity which is greater than the sum of its parts. That said, the parts are still important. Here are some illustrations of what goes inside.

Individual parts are voiced for the crossover after initially measuring and tuning with more generic types. If there is a place for parts rolling it is here. These components operate in a highly dynamic physical and electrical envoinment. They must be robust. To reduce electrical resonance and microphonic interaction with the signal, vacuum impregnation, damping and well built components are used.

Damping material is 100% natural wool felt which is used to reduce reflections on the walls of the chamber. Nothing else is as distortion free and surprisingly the quality of wool is audible. 

Cable is simple and minimalistic. A common mistake with high efficiency speakers is to use more large speaker cables which employs much more dielectric than is needed with the penalty of high capacitance. This creates interaction with the signal in the phase or time domain - it absorbs and gives back various frequencies at various times and rates. The distortion this causes readily apparent with a high sensitivity speaker. 

Nickel core - Litz wire - from Dave Slagel

Looking in from the bottom the drivers are in place and the port can be seen. More bracing is added after assembly.

Binding posts, strutted ribs and dampening material - natural wool, quality wood with traditional bonding, acoustic architecture with varied rate curves and arches - designed for music from conception to execution - outside the box.

From the outside.

The 32 horn.

Driver/cabinet interface.

Wheels may seem shocking but greatly assist in finding proper placement in a room. Much like focusing a camera - it takes a little back and forth to find the right position in a given space. With wheels this can be done easily and quickly. Spikes can be added later if desired.

Production of the Hadron has begun and the first pair will be delivered next week. 

Thank you for looking in.