Wednesday, 7 February 2018

Line Magnetic LM555, WE KS-12024 Horn with 7331-A Baffle

This combination has been in planning for some time and now the pieces are ready to be put together. 

Line Magnetic 555 Receiver sourced through the official EU distributor who is located in France. Please feel free to email for further information.

The adapter parts arrived - with all the mystery surrounding WECO I had to measure the threads but no mystery here. Flange fit 1 and 5/16" thread - a pipe fitting. I did a little plumbing in my misspent youth to help finance a classical education. We used metal pipes back then for gas and water lines. Ptolemy and tooling still being used almost 40 years later.

We now offer adapters as seen here.

Fanfare for the Common Man.

Here is the bronze replica of the KS-12024 horn throat.

Our new stand for the 12024 so that it may be put on top of other speakers where desired and still comfortably support the 10Kg 555 receivers (or other drivers).

 Here with the complete Horn.

All of our production for the second section horn in wood have been allocated to orders so I am waiting for my pair... sigh. However these plastic versions actually give up very little. It seems the bronze throat is the critical element.

Business end of the 12024 horn. These have amorphous infill which looks nice showing through... and sounds good as well.

In situ and wired up - with clip leads of course. Pete, this one is for you.

The supply? After much research we are going with batteries. Is the 7v specification for 6v batteries?Were tungar chargers used to power batteries which were later discarded? Martin, this one is for you.

Blasphemy? No, and Heresy neither - just the pursuit of good sound. Certainly there is an appreciation of mythology and lore however the true experimenter must soldier on, challenging legend to find out what there might actually be. 

The WE 7331-A baffle is an H frame open baffle. If you try this we recommend it be tried with the WE specified size driver and not a 15"or 18". 

This was a rough and ready setup with a borrowed crossover just to get a read on the driver's, baffle's and horn's sound. Still, the listening session went late. More to follow but for now this is showing more than promise.

We offer the 12024 horn for sale in the following formats:

Black Plastic Amorphous infill:
950€ pair
Original throat (713, 555 etc) or 1" throat for modern drivers

Bronze Throat with Wood Horn:
1950€ pair
Original throat (713, 555 etc) or 1" throat for modern drivers

Stands: 350€ pair
555 Adapters: 350€ pair

TA-7331-A Baffle
Coniferous Plywood as per WE spec:
2,500€ each

For orders or questions please email.


  1. Hello, Charles, or Chuck - whichever you prefer. Your investigation into KS12024 is fascinating. You seem to be able to make the horn throats from bronze (cast?) - Something a DIY like myself would not be able to easily do. I wonder if you can sell a pair of those - for how much? (if you do - let me know the price of the stands too, and the horn flares - all separately, if possible.-I do not know if I could splurge for the whole thing at once, but at least the throats would be nice to start with.) FYI - I'd be using those with the LM 555. Do let me know. Thanks in advance. Yory.

  2. Hello Yory, Charles is my name - Charlie and Chuck are diminutives used by my family and friends - in that order. Any of the three are fine. We do offer these horns for sale - please contact us at and we can discuss further.