Saturday, 26 November 2022

ETF Baarlo 2022 Saturday and getting ready to head home...

Turntable town

It was great to see so many turntables brought in despite the issues of fragility and setup...

ETF is as much about solder smoke as anything else, about how its made while its made...

Mighty Mini me!

C'est un classique!

Glass bottles - different kinds can go well together...

JMLC horns well represented here... with more tasty vinyl.

Beautiful and classic front ends... eyes water, teeth hurt, the tape machine of lore.

And a little more listening...

And a little more solder smoke... Lots and lots of smoke this year! Makes the whole thing come together.

Beautiful air bearing arm with more thought and engineering it than can be imagined. 

A real assault on state of the art. Details on the torn paper there...

One 50w Mosfet = one big heat sink! Driven by a tube of course.

OK now, who thought it was a good idea to leave a vintage juke box laying around with a bunch of solder smokers coming to visit....?!

Yup, they tore it open and not only got it playing, they got it playing on the big transmitting tubes.

"No way!?"


Proud to be part of this bunch.

Whats next? Other than the drive home we are beginning a new speaker with the Klang Film Eurodyne horn updated with JMLC rollback and milled in wood. This is a tribute to JMLC who was an active ETF member and who brought horns for a shoot out one year in which the Eurodyn took the vote. We have taken this horn and added to it his calculation for the rollback of the Kugelwellen expansion. We post it here in memory of him, his work and his generous contributions to the realm of horn.


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