Friday, 11 November 2022

EFT Baarlo 2022 Friday

Now that we are here...
its time to see some triodes...

...and some of the technical stuff that goes with them.

High powered triode amplifier.

This is a DAC.

The big system - an international team from Sweden, France, Norway and Netherlands plus more but those are the ones I know of...

Source for the big system includes...

this beautiful Studer.

Big Russian triode used in stadium PA systems.

And this?

Rectification for a field coil cartridge power supply.

Some very nice sound here... 

This one is ours...

Scandinavian group, the Viking helmets kind of give that away though...

This tussle of gear sounding quite beautiful.

Can you recognise this horn? 

Bang and Olufsen

Who had a theater sound system division not so well known.

Lovely front ends.

Very interesting, open baffle wave guide.

Serious care in driver hand building.

Reed tonearm.

Many different approaches.

JMLC horns

Too many things to get to know in a very short time.

Designs and approaches are as many as the attendants.

Great amp rack for working...

Nice little speaker.

Vintage Grundig with electrostatic tweeter?!

Karlson tubes 5 axis milled out of solid metal.

Want to know what your gear is really doing? 

Sound check

A little listening.

Getting ready for a big listening.

Thermionic emissions... those heat sink top caps are probably carrying well over 1kV...

and the music they make...

More to follow...

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