Friday, 1 June 2018

Speaker Design in 3D

Here is a little bit on loudspeaker design using modern tools.

Many will recognise Autocad drawings from the days of old...

It is an excellent tool.

3D however adds another dimension - literally.

It has quickly become a native part of design as it allows visualisation and detail which 2D simply cannot compete with.

Not only can the objects be viewed from all sides but X-Ray views...

and scaled investigations allow an intimate understanding which is as unique... 

as it is powerful.

A new design for instance can be seen from all sides...

and angles not only to examine its expansion...

but also how it will be mounted, its clearances, 

and its overall appearance.

All before the first prototype is built.

This however does not come free. Learning these tools takes time as does the creation of the objects.

Sometimes it looks a little like architecture...

Here from concept to model.

Here is a preview of a new speaker.

A speaker cabinet is more than box, it part of an acoustic system.

It is as critical and complicated as any other component however this is often overlooked. The hierarchy of 1) design, 2) layout and 3) component quality is just as valid here as it is in electronics - in my humble opinion.

The box or "monkey coffin" has been over used due to its simplicity in design and construction.

Computer aided design and manufacture allow more elegant and effective solutions to the heavily braced and overly damped box. 

There is no substitute for wood and other natural materials and no magic bullets. It takes work to chord the modern with the ancient in pursuit of harmony to find solutions that excel.

We accept commissions for 3D design work - for both 3D modelling and 3D printing. If you have a project that you would like us to help you with please contact us.

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