Saturday, 12 May 2018

Munich High End 2018 Take Five: Tubes

Elrog Tubes have expanded their line up. 

The Original 211, 845, 300B have been augmented with metal plate versions of the 211 and 845. Yup, metal plates in current production. Then there is a driver tube designed especially for the 845 and makes it possible to be used in a two stage circuit. Mmm


  ER887 a tube which is now an original design of Elrog's - tube history. 

 Molybdenum metal plates

 Carbon Plates

There are also now Elrog version of the classic rectifier 274 both A and B. (different sockets) Added as well to the line is the ER50 - current production 50 tube... Mmm. The last is the 801A which is one of the favourite tubes of sister company VinylSavor. All of these tubes from Elrog are thoriated Tungsten.

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