Friday, 19 May 2017

Munich High End No. 2

A few after setup pictures for some details:

First of all the amplifiers from Thomas Mayer:

 Differential 300B with 10Y driver

 Differential 10Y Line Stage 

and in the phono preamp an array of the super rare and wonderful Telefunken 8020!

Oh, yes, nearly forgot to mention - all silver transformers in all of these components! 


Here are our Sfera Horn speakers. Horns and tubes...

go well together of course.

What front end?

Vinylista excellent application of classical elements.

Garrard 401 with Thomas Schick tonearm and Ortofon cartridge.

The venerable 301 with another version of Thomas Schick tonearm and...

Here is the mighty Altas.

Our new bronze horns.

Some Vinylista details....

A few arms shots...

because they are looking nice.

The people behind the products: (from left to right)

Chuck Azzolina-Michlin, Martin Brenner and Thomas Mayer of

Azzolina Audio, Vinylista, and VinylSavor respectively.

Synergistic elements make a solid team.

Yes, yes, ... sound checks are coming!



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