Thursday, 18 May 2017

Munich High End 2017

A Quick Preview of:

Munich High End 2017

We are exhibiting in Room F231e

Let The Music Play

An amazing venue:

It was a long road to get here and that is just when the works starts...
Getting unloaded:

A room full of experience makes all the difference however: Thomas Mayer of VinylSavor, Thomas Schick of, well, Thomas Schick - Liebenthal, Martin Brenner of Vinylista and Gunther!

Already drawing some serious attention before the show is open.

And then it comes together:
Stay tuned for some sound checks:

A quick preview of the Silbatone Room featuring the Western Electric Mirrorphonic System:

The Sport of Kings indeed. Are those 18" field coil woofers, double field coil compression drivers and field coil tweeter?

More to follow on opening day, wait, that is today! So...more later.



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