Thursday, 11 July 2019

Life in the time of Hay...

A cool and rainy spring gave way to a ferocious beginning of summer. The hottest days ever recorded in France. As a result of this sudden change the farmers came out in synchronisation on the same day to get the hay in before it was lost.

While the farmers have been out in the heat cutting, drying and bailing the hay it has been a busy time indoors as well.

Mojo the mad is a constant companion...

constantly chasing everything (real or imagined) ... 

In trying to stay with the real let's get on with business then, shall we?

Our Field coil design has moved forward.

What started as a simplified way to improve on the historic Tungar battery chargers and Selenium rectified supplies and solve the requirement with a sober design created an avenue of discovery. 

It began with a Schottky rectified, choke loaded design which eliminates noise and its harmonics and provides current stability and storage.

Voltage regulation was tried and was the wrong direction.

Current regulation and turned out to be an excellent solution for field coils, improving sonics considerably.

The difference in the type of AC transformers was more pronounced than anticipated. Split bobbin types were used initially to decouple line noise. R - Cores were tested and were quieter in operation. When toroidal types were tested they demonstrated clear superiority in current delivery. While the other steps forward were solid and clear, the difference of the toroid was pronounced. Quite a treat to experience how much better the music moved and flowed with greater weight and agility above the other steps forward.

Field coils deserve better supplies because they make a field coil more of a field coil - meaning the increased stability of the magnetic field in the face of constantly varying load. The difference in quality of supply is easy to hear. 

 The supplies pictured above are heading to the Island of Crete to power WE555 6-7 volts / 1.5 amps with plenty of headroom. 

For those who would like to update their supplies please contact us by email.

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