Sunday, 1 July 2018

Going Solo - a new approach.

Going Solo

The next speaker we are introducing is the Solo:

Built around on the following driver.

Natural paper cone
Cloth surround
Solid phase plug
Copper shorting ring
Front vented and cooled (allowing 20Khz response)
70hz to 20Khz at +/- 2.5db 
68db @ -3db
Three inches in size

The spectral decay:

That is about as clean as it gets for any type driver and the sonics reveal it - easily stepping past the usual suspects for full or broad range drivers and among the best of any. The vocal range is very clean and natural. The highs are extended to 20,000hz, smooth with no harshness, ringing or break up. 70hz - 20khz with +/- 2.5db.

Here is the 3D model for the first cabinet design with this driver.

The Solo is ideal for smaller listening area environments. The quality paper yields a natural sound and the low mass/small cone provide clarity, smoothness, and speed due to the lack of overhang and break up.

With next to nothing for surface reflections there is no perception of the sound coming from the speaker itself. Imaging is exceptional.

They can be placed close to front wall without issues.

High Q also allows them to be used in open baffle applications.

An array of four of these drivers with a tweeter can reach an efficiency of 94db with a floor footprint of 11cm x 33cm. This will be the next cabinet featured.

This driver is also destined for a horn loaded applications of course ...

Here is what it looks like to the amplifier in the small 

We are now offering the Solo Loudspeaker for sale.

Please email for pricing and lead times.

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