Friday, 11 May 2018

Munich High End 2018 Take three

Gear is great...

Music is better...

  and Frank knows his music.

 We have been lucky for him to come and share his library of 78 records.

and the history and story behind each one. 

For instance:
There is one series which are actually vinyl. US Armed Forces released and printed on vinyl so they could be deployed by parachute during WWII, along with gramophones, and not break upon landing as lacquers would be prone to.  The V-discs, as they were called, were deployed to boost troop moral. V of course stood for Victory. There were one thousand different recordings released - each numbered. The artists were compelled to release their rights to the recordings during the time of war. After the war there were restored and all the disks were then due to be destroyed - however many survived for our benefit today.

The history and the music came alive with Franks' knowledge and passion.

I have not had this good of a time with music for a while.

Here are the decks from PTP with Audio furniture from Vinylista.

A modern cartridge to bring out the best without wearing the records like the old Victrola used to.

When I asked why the music is so immediate Frank's simple answer was they are all direct to disk.

From 78 to the modern we go the Lyra Atlas.

The Mighty Atlas.

But best of all the music - and we play a lot of it from our mutual collections.

Come hear some in Room F231e Hall 4!

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