Friday, 10 November 2017

ETF 2017 Day 1

ETF 2017 Day 1

Getting together in the main hall and the goodie table begins to fill up. Hard not to spend some time perusing the vintage and choice samples from all the different collections.

Lots of tubes of course.

The test area where any gear is kindly tested.

Conversations are are numerous and varied.

This year is a high efficiency speaker shoot out.

Large super horns.

I do not know what it is but I want it.

Classic Quad

Wooden Horns


True folded horn.

Literally it folds up into a small box.

Triodes and top caps.

Beautiful little horns.

Not exoctic perhaps but sounding excellent and readily availible.



Classic and well executed. 

Big old Studer...Sigh...

More Idler elegance.

Classic 401 with a new Origan Live arm.

Triodes? Big, bad, and beuatiful ones...

As you can see it is triode maven madness.

More to follow... Lots more.

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