Thursday, 9 March 2017

 First production Hadron comes together.

We have shown a bit of the cabinet detail already. Probably more than most components a loudspeaker is an entity which is greater than the sum of its parts. That said, the parts are still important. Here are some illustrations of what goes inside.

Individual parts are voiced for the crossover after initially measuring and tuning with more generic types. If there is a place for parts rolling it is here. These components operate in a highly dynamic physical and electrical envoinment. They must be robust. To reduce electrical resonance and microphonic interaction with the signal, vacuum impregnation, damping and well built components are used.

Damping material is 100% natural wool felt which is used to reduce reflections on the walls of the chamber. Nothing else is as distortion free and surprisingly the quality of wool is audible. 

Cable is simple and minimalistic. A common mistake with high efficiency speakers is to use more large speaker cables which employs much more dielectric than is needed with the penalty of high capacitance. This creates interaction with the signal in the phase or time domain - it absorbs and gives back various frequencies at various times and rates. The distortion this causes readily apparent with a high sensitivity speaker. 

Nickel core - Litz wire - from Dave Slagel

Looking in from the bottom the drivers are in place and the port can be seen. More bracing is added after assembly.

Binding posts, strutted ribs and dampening material - natural wool, quality wood with traditional bonding, acoustic architecture with varied rate curves and arches - designed for music from conception to execution - outside the box.

From the outside.

The 32 horn.

Driver/cabinet interface.

Wheels may seem shocking but greatly assist in finding proper placement in a room. Much like focusing a camera - it takes a little back and forth to find the right position in a given space. With wheels this can be done easily and quickly. Spikes can be added later if desired.

Production of the Hadron has begun and the first pair will be delivered next week. 

Thank you for looking in.


  1. those look really nice!!!
    what is the pricing?

  2. Thank you for your comments. Please contact us at for more detailed information.

  3. Hello, guys.
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