Sunday, 20 November 2016

European Triode Festival 2016

Wave 1

This was my first year at the ETF and so, as is inevitable to initiation in any tribe, wore a name tag with an imaginary "newby" highlighted over the actual name. This is as it should be and it was mesmerising to see the differences in this event to any other show or meet - it is unique. The wide variety of approaches, real time building and modifications and non-commercial sharing of information was WAY too much fun. It could not all be taken in, too much going by too fast so the best thing to do was just ride the wave you happen to have caught at the moment. In the spirit of that here is a first batch of pictures.

 Super Sexy and Rare RCA speaker. Check out the (tweeter?) petals.

Vintage city.

Reel to Reel madness - Telefunken no less.

What is it? 

A microphone umbrella! To give the mics a shadow from the room bounce.
Made from unwashed, lanolin laden fresh wool.

All preparations for the shootout which was the taping and playback of a live musical event.

More on this later...

Modified (recreated?) compression driver.

Norwegian Wallflower of Sound.

Made especially for the event.

Amazingly life like and rich. From Joni Mitchell to Deep Purple. 
Hats off gentlemen!

More to follow... on the next wave.

- Photos curtesy of Camila Barcha, Copyright© all rights reserved.

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