Saturday, 30 July 2016

Countryside and Music

After years of travel and expatriate living we have come back to Europe and setup a basecamp. We are hiding in the countryside. There is lavender, rosemary and mint, deer, badgers and rabbits. There are also boxes, lots of boxes.

The sum of 348 boxes is not for the feint of heart. After several days of unloading and arranging it was finally time to unpack some gear and see what was in the boxes.

One forgets how much there is to do...

It was decided to go back to the original prototype and get a baseline for the new speaker which will be much smaller and still be a triode partner.

Well, that's enough for one day. Time for a walk...

Next day.... roughed in and ready for power.

and first listen...

The countryside ambient 35db is very different from the city noise floor of 65-75db.

Now its time to tune and hang some pictures...

More to come when things settle down.

Thank you for visiting.

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