Tuesday, 30 January 2018

The Apollo - a new premium 3" full range speaker

This driver has a few things of note in its design and construction.

It features a natural paper cone with cloth surround, a solid aluminium phase plug, copper shorting rings, stamped steel frame with integral gasket,
and it incorporates front vent for cooling.

The result is a wide band driver designed to handle a full range input signal. The frequency response is surprisingly smooth and its spectral decay is exceptionally good. The vocal range is very clean and natural - rivaling any driver. The highs are extended to 20,000hz and are smooth with no harshness, ringing or break up. 

These drivers can be used in a number of applications. They are ideal for nearfield listening (desktop) or small rooms. The high Q design also allows it to be used in open baffle applications as a really fast mid-bass driver. It is capable of hitting a -3db down point of 68Hz in a ported box design with 87db efficiency.

They can also be combined in a small array of four drivers to reach an efficiency of 96db.

We believe the Apollo is one of the best drivers possible for smaller listening area environments. The quality of paper was a focus of concern and the result has a very natural sound. The small sized cone prevents ringing and break up modes allowing extension to be smooth and dynamic. Here are the specifications:

FS140 Hz
RE7 ohms
Xmax2.5 mm
L (1k).25 mH
Rms.328 kg/second
Vas.95 Liters
1.66 grams
Cms.696 mm/newt
Bl3.15 Tesla-M
SPL87. db
Area31 sq cm

The first application we are now offering is a ported box with a single driver run full range (with a baffle step compensation).

The baffle step compensation.

Wiring harness assembled.

Wiring harness installation.

Component mounting point.

Connector installation.

Apollo driver.

Wired up.


With next to nothing for surface reflections there is little to no perception of the sound coming from the speaker itself.

They can be placed very close to front wall without issues.

Here is the FR plot on axis - notice the scale is 5db between lines.

and what it looks like to the amplifier.

The Apollo driver has a limited off axis response in the top octave which minimises reflections in a small room that would typically make a speaker sound hot in the top end. 

We are now offering these speakers.
Introductory prices are presently available on request.

Please email for questions or orders.

Coming next - a 96db efficient floor standing loudspeaker with these drivers.

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